Australia Wide Flue Cleaning

Aust Wide Flue Cleaning Services are known as the Sunshine Coast Flue Cleaning specialists offering professional hood, flue and fan cleaning above the cooking area. Based on the Sunshine Coast we provide service Australia wide specialising in remote areas such as mine sites, drilling rigs and other industrial and commercial operations.

A lot of our work revolves around Canopy and Exhaust System cleaning in any type of business that has a commercial kitchen. The main purpose of this is to ensure that your business is complying to the National Fire Code and is also fulfilling your requirements set out by your Insurance Company.

Sunshine Coast Flue CleaningWe service all industry sectors – including mining camps in remote areas, commercial, restaurant, hotel, residential and hospitality. From a single restaurant to a large company with multiple franchises. Through our years of experience, we guarantee our work will meet your needs.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is essential for the prevention of kitchen grease fires. Grease build-up in range hoods and exhaust systems can lead to a severe flash fire hazard. Kitchen cleaning is a form of fire prevention and reduces the risk of a fire in the hood or duct.

We can take care of all your hood, flue and fan cleaning requirements and free your time to work on your business.

Don’t let this happen – Call  the Australia Wide Flue Cleaning Experts