One of the primary defences against fire hazards in any commercial kitchen is regular maintenance of its exhaust system – plus a clean exhaust system is more efficient at removing heat and odours from your kitchen. This helps keep your crew cooler and more comfortable.

Aust-Wide’s professional hood/exhaust cleaners will make your kitchen system as never before, and insure the safety of your equipment – all without disrupting your business.

Here at Aust-Wide, we pride ourselves on not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations. Using the latest processes and ecologically friendly chemicals, and adherence to strict safety standards, we offer the optimum in professional flue cleaning.

We will work around your schedule, causing the least possible disturbance to the normal operations of your facility.

And we will finish on time and within budget, too.

Ductwork – out of sight, out of mind – the perfect landing place for grease, oil and other deposits.

Cleanliness and safety are the essential ingredients of any well-managed kitchen, and this especially applies to the parts you can’t see – ductwork and flues. Due to the importance of thorough extract system hygiene and the difficulties of access, it is imperative to employ professional flue cleaning services.

At Aust-Wide our expert engineers have many years’ experience in this specialised area of cleaning and maintenance. We clean all physically accessible areas of your ductwork back to bare metal, including the cooker hood and fans.

We degrease and decarbonise all the interior and exterior surfaces and remove all the coating of carbons and solidified cooking oils built up from cooking fumes that have spread throughout the extraction unit and ductiing.

We pay particular attention to seams and rivets, removing and cleaning extraction fans, cleaning fan blades, and motor housings.

How often should I have my extraction system cleaned?

The recommended frequency of kitchen extraction system cleaning varies anywhere from monthly to once a year, depending on the type of cooking and frequency of use.

Heavy Use: Clean every 3 months
Moderate Use: Clean every 6 months
Light Use: Clean Annually

You cannot afford to ignore the build up of grease and oil in your kitchen exhaust system. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your kitchen clean and safe – please contact us for a free site survey to assess your needs.